Shongololo’s and short-attacks

So far my day has been carbohydrate free. I’ve been compensating by hitting the coffee particularly hard, which means I currently occupy that point in space/time where a well caffeinated person can feel the rotation of the earth. I can confirm that our planet is indeed more or less spherical… and that we are moving untethered through the universe at, what some might deem, a ludicrous speed. Stop the bus. I want to get off.

Earlier in the day I received a visitor.


Apparently there is some consternation among my staff as to whether the colloquialism* for this creature should be shongololo (Zulu), songololo (Xhosa) or Duisandpoot (Afrikaans). Since I’m the boss I’m going make a ruling that it needs to be referred to by its franca lingua. Ie. Millipede. Although no one other than me wants to experience the millipede tickle.

*hey… that’s a real word. I know this because its not underlined in red. I’m just going to assume it means what I think it means.

There’s a mini-blood bath happening on the stock market here today. A US firm is short-attacking one of our banks. Its a thing of beauty.

Seriously, I am awe stuck. Basically they’ve taken a massive short position on the bank and then released a report alluding to the solvency of said bank. Share price is down 18% as of writing. (although it looks like it might be bouncing) If they’re clever (and I think they are) they have kept some of their powder dry and will trickle-feed more rumors into the market which will drive down the price even further once the speculators shore up the price a bit. The lower they can drive the price, the more money they make. Its like watching financial blitzkrieg. This sort of thing never happens in our market (so they don’t know how to defend against it, in all honestly I don’t think this level of hostility even occurred to them). Plus local sentiment is already quite skittish, so investors are bailing.


Its hurting me a little bit. (I’m down about 3%) But its not every day you get to appreciate such alluring game theory and consumer psychology. Its quite sexy. (its the board-gamer in me)

And also total legal. (In case you’re wondering) Downside is that thousands of people could loose their jobs and depositors (mostly poor people) could loose their money. I think that’s unlikely. But possible.