Strange Fruit (Comic book)

A black Superman crashes to earth in a small Mississippi town in 1927. This is one of the most beautifully drawn comics I have ever read… and you should definitely check it out given the opportunity. Part of me wants to leave it at that…


The other part of me wants to pick at scabs. Even though I know that never ends well.

As far as I can tell some people took some serious umbridge with this comic book. But let me break it down Barney style to make sure I’ve got this down right. You are really angry because an artist created content you didn’t agree with? (Well okay then)


This is one of the comments from the damning WWAC review. (There are loads. But they are all pretty similar)

This is an excellent tear-down of this comic, and I certainly agree it should never have existed. It is, frankly, arrogant and offensive for a white person to pretend to be capable of telling the story of racism, especially by trying to include the perspective of black people experiencing it. The execution of it, from this review, sounds completely clumsy, too, with an awful hook for the story

You know who else didn’t like certain content and decided it should have never existed? The German student union circa 1933. (spoiler alert it didn’t end very well for the content). Also the last line leads me to believe you haven’t actually read the comic. Ha ha.

Sure, run down and critique the plot, the writing, the font, the artwork (if that’s your thing). But don’t embrace censorship and piss on the creators right to create any story they damn well please. I am big proponent of the first amendment and even if I had hated this comic I would defend the authors right to create it against every single one of you.

I really believe that Jones and Waid had nothing but good intentions when they wrote this comic. And yet there are those of you who are very quick to jump up onto a soap box ready to condemn and point out the perceived failings in others.


I’m trying to think of another comic that got people so bent out of shape. I’m drawing a blank. For some reason I think about Magneto – Testament. I don’t remember Greg Pak getting uphill (nor should he have) because he is half Korean and therefore how could he objectively write a story about Auschwitz and the holocaust.

Read this comic. Think about how it makes you feel. You don’t have to like it or agree with it. But to say it should have never existed is a very slippery slope. Combating intolerance with your own intolerance is not the way forward. When did we start going so backwards on this?

I saw this on twitter the other day.

An annual reminder to everyone making stuff: For every random jerk trashing you online, there are thousands of people that quietly love you.

JG Jones and Mark Waid. I love you guys. Just wanted to let you know.