Joey in pictures

Work in progress…


1. I am 39



2. I live in Johannesburg, South Africa


3. I am married

Andrea & Jo COLOUR-242 (Copy)

4. And I have a two year old daughter


5. I speak…


6. and can likely get by in these (under optimal circumstances)


7. I love games. But especially board-games.

Twilight Imperium [3]

8. I’ve played thousands of hours of Dungeons and Dragons and other RPG’s.

Wu for life.JPG

9. I’m basically still friends with the people I went to school with

10. I love Theodore Roosevelt


12. I have a Basset Hound


13. And a German Shepherd.


14. I don’t think either of them are particularly representative of their species.

15. I’ve travelled lots and been to some pretty cool places (Like Essaouira in Morocco)


16. Iceland is likely my favorite (me and my wife came here on our honeymoon)


17. Followed by Japan


18. I like this picture because it depicts the exact moment I found out my wife was pregnant

19. I also love the Czech Republic (as my honorable mention)


20. I used to be a pretty good fencer. I competed in epee and saber.


21. Picked up some gnarly injuries along the way…

Knife wound

22. Although my real passion has always been mixed martial arts (Joey is on the bottom)

flying arm bar

22. . In my first ever tournament I broke my foot. (The bone was sticking out through the top of the foot) It required pins and a moon-boot for six weeks.


23. So instead of competition fighting I went the teaching route and became an instructor.

24. I then decided I like knife fighting.

24. And hitting people with sticks.

25. And because I liked that stuff… and my enthusiasm for MMA I got involved with some people who used to teach CQC to the police.


26. Which was quite a lot of fun.

27. These days I mostly play Playstation. And then fall asleep on the couch with the basset hound.

photo (5).JPG

28. I am an AFOL. (adult fan of lego)


29. I really like Jeeps. Mostly for the way you can basically disassemble the entire thing with only one screwdriver.


30. I used to be very careful about I listened to with the top down.

31. I have my head shaved by a proper barber with a straight razor. It helps me with my trust issues. (its also quite therapeutic)


32. I wake up ridiculously early. Usually at 4am.

33. I used run every day. Usually 5mi. But have recently decided that I actually hate running.

34. So now I take my German for a walk instead. Its nice being the only person awake at that time.


35. I drive around my office on a push scooter.


36. Sometimes I crash spectacularly in front of everyone.

37. I once pushed my scooter from the one side of Singapore… to Sentosa island. It doesn’t look very far on the map…


38. Its pretty far.