Fundamental Joeyism

I don’t mind saying ‘I don’t know’. It gives me something to do in my spare time. –  Richard Dawkins.

I don’t really want to pigeon hole myself (or anyone else really). But thinking about it I can throw a few nouns and adjectives out there.

At the moment I am most likely a libertarian, apatheistic and an essentialist. I like laissez-faire capitalism.

On topics of mixed opinion, I support gay marriage and decriminalizing drug use.  I lean towards pro-life (for unborn children) but believe in the right to die (for the rest of us). I am (generally) anti-war but pro-gun. I believe in climate change, stem cell research, vaccines and evolution. Academically I support the death penalty although if banishing criminals to Australia was still on the table I would likely get behind that instead. If a Israeli-Palestinian mashup is an impossible dream then I would pick Israel (based on personal western bias) I believe in eating-what-you-kill, but intensely dislike trophy hunting.

Things that interest me…

StoicismMovies ; Books ; Ethics ; CQC ; Knives ; Tactics ; Lego ; Boardgames ; Comics ; Shooting ; Nutrition ;

People I like

Theodore Roosevelt ; Jan Smuts ; Ryan Holiday ; Penn Jillette ;

I have largely disabled commenting because, to be perfectly honest, I don’t really care.

This blog is meant to be a type of Bildungsroman – that is a story chronicling the education of its protagonist. Ie. Me. It is not meant to garner support, espouse ideology or generate income. It has no other function other than to exist and suggest that the author tried to lead a considered life. I also wanted to create some content that was mine.

If you like my blog and you derive value from visiting then that’s great. If you don’t… well… *shrug*

I do have one caveat however, if you find a mistake in something I’ve blogged about and you feel really strongly about it, mail me, if you can annotate and reference a correction I am more than happy to credit you with an amendment.

If you want to mail me and just say ‘hi’ thats also cool.

In any event, I hope you have great day. Be good.