Brain damage

I can attest to this Wisdom…


I’ve only ever been knocked out once. I say knocked out… but really it was more of a TKO. Or technical knockout ie Not unconscious. I remember it in technicolor detail… which is strange considering I had just had some brain damage perpetrated on me. I remember my vision splitting in two… a VERY weird sensation, something akin to wearing bi-focals maybe. The top half of my vision was completely blurry… the bottom half… perfectly in focus and sharp. I wanted to carry on fighting… my hands were up… but my legs wouldn’t work and collapsed under me. I fell to the mat in this weird half sitting position… wondering what was going on.


This is the guy who’d hit me (the guy on top). We’d come up together and were both busy doing our instructors course at the MMA gym we attended. It was our first day of instructor training… which was… actually just instructor candidates brawling each other until one person got knocked out…. no tap outs, no time limit. Knock out only. Supposedly you need to experience this… in order to… eh… fully appreciate what being an instructor is all about. I was 20… what did I know.

He probably out classed me about 12kg (26lbs) at the time. Which is a lot. His nickname was already ‘One gear’… ha ha… because he only had one gear…  which was balls to the wall. A name he kept when he went pro. In any event we exchanged a couple of shots and I knew if I kept this sort of distance I’d be in serious trouble. Tried to slip one of his crosses on my way into a clinch but misjudged it ever so slightly and caught his blow on the top of my forehead.

You should, theoretically, be able to ride a shot like that… there is no way it should have buckled me the way it did. But it was like being hit by a freight train.

And Joey goes down.

In an act of extraordinary concern for my welfare, my coach put me back in the ring for another round about fifteen minutes later. Concussion (which I’m sure I had) be damned. To my credit, I managed to knock my opponent out this time round. Yay me.

Moral of the story is. Don’t get knocked out. It really sucks. And if you do… go home.



On Business books

Dear twenty year old me.

Given the shortness of life, there are two types of books you shouldn’t waste your time with. Business books. Also known as books that should have been a nine hundred word blog post but weren’t.

“It is my ambition to say in ten sentences what others say in a whole book.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche*

*I sometimes get the feeling Nietzsche didn’t follow his own advice…

The other is ‘Life advice’ books, or really any book some person feels compelled to write to ‘help’ you sort your life out. *Joey makes a horrible gurgling sound, before pointing a finger at his head and figuratively blowing his brains out*

Chances are your life is not shit. Its just marketed to you that way. Stop letting these fuckers profiteer from their optimal morning routines, nutrition efficient smoothies, meditation rituals and personal hygiene habits. Don’t let anyone ever suggest that what you are doing is sub-optimal or inefficient. Fuck them.

If you must read a book about business… these are the three that you should read. They are short, punch above their weight and are loaded with goodness that you can mull over in the bath. (or on the toilet, or really wherever your do your philosophising/entrepreneurshipping)


  1. REWORK (by David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried)



2. Anything you want (by Derek Sivers)



3. The War of Art (by Steven Pressfield)


In my experience (so far)… Pretty much everything else… read a summary. Or a blogpost.