Marketing 101

Marketing is the process by which a state of felt deprivation of some basic satisfaction is communicated to you… and then something is offered to you to correct that perceived deficiency.

For example…

I had NO IDEA gluten free parking even existed. But now that I know… CLEARLY this is something that I need.

But now that I know… What if they run out of gluten free parking bays? I think I’m starting to develop some anxiety about all of this. Will I just be able to switch back to regular? Is that even legal? I’m starting to think this sort of thing should probably be mandated by the state. And maybe a professional body should be set up, for monitoring and control purposes. There are a lot of shysters out there (look at me getting my yiddish on) and we need to safeguard our society against these unscrupulous operators.

Anyway, I think the important take away here is that education is KEY.

Good luck out there. Stay frosty!!