The Decoy

If you’re going to leave work early… make sure you leave a decoy.


Make sure its of similar management style and appearance. You don’t want your ruse to be immediately discovered. Also (and I speak from experience) better if you and your decoy are of equal skill and temperament… you don’t want to be upstaged by a garden variety vegetable. I had an unfortunate incident once where an oversize butternut solved one of our more challenging bottlenecks. It was a little embarrassing.

Also yes. This is me. The one of the left.


Chaos. German Style


I’m generally┬áNOT into ascribing specific traits to certain Sapiens bound to an arbitrary geographic location. But this advertisement gets my OCD all flared up and twitchy. Wether that is in fact due to my ‘German-ness’ or some other deeply rooted psychological issue remains… eh.. undetermined.

I’m not sure I can bank with a finance institution that is so flippant with the orientation of its paperclips though.