I don’t really want to pigeon hole myself. But thinking about it I can throw a few nouns and adjectives out there.

At the moment I am most likely a libertarian, apatheistic and an essentialist. I like laissez-faire capitalism. I try (with varying degrees of success) to follow the principles of Stoicism.

Mostly this blog (rather boringly) revolves around my daily grind. Occasionally I ramble on about something else that interests me, which broadly speaking usually falls into one of the following categories…

Awesomeness     (a curated and subjective collection of things I think are cool)

Board games


Comic books


Dogs     (I own a Basset hound and a German Shepherd)

Joeyism    (longer, wordier posts I’ve written about stuff I’ve thought about)



I don’t have any social media accounts. But I do occasionally update my pinterest