11 thoughts on “Korean Jesus

      1. I didn’t look at it as a caricature, which makes it so poignant and kind of endearing, imho. But my knee jerk reaction was obviously belly laughter! And so was my husband’s when I showed him.
        I would say without a doubt that JC has a sense of humour. He created humans afterall 😁

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      2. Thats interesting. This might be some sort of theological rorschach test. I mean I suppose people could feel outraged… amused… confused… it speaks to people differently…

        Human are indeed, without a doubt, a… really strange creation. Do you think he (I use the gender pronoun quite loosely) regrets the way it turned out? Like a blogger… who starts out with good intentions… but then hates everything he’s ever written and deletes his blog because no one follows him. Ha ha. I know I’m anthropomorphizing a deity… but I’m fascinated by these sorts of thought experiments.

        Take for example the Catholic Church (I pick of them because I used to be a hardcore catholic) an organization that claims a direct ‘management’ lineage through Saint Peter… I can only imagine some sort of sense of divine despair

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  1. They are interesting thoughts and questions, and big ones, and maybe I should email you about it as I meander about in my answer?!
    (I call God “he”, so you don’t need to worry about offending me in that regards, unless it is more that you don’t want to think of it that way? But that is the interesting thing, the Bible does anthropomorphosise God…the relationship of the Trinity, the way He relates to us, and that He actually became human as well).
    But I think this might be better in email? Also because I have a lot of things distracting me right now! 😀 But it’s a very interesting topic, imho.

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