If you’ve just had the Monday from hell… and you feel your day couldn’t get any worse… spare a thought for Nedeljiko Čabrinović  (Center) one of the ‘assassins’ of Archduke Ferdinand.


Čabrinović started off his debacle of a day by throwing a hand grenade at the open topped vehicle carrying the Archduke, but bungled it, bouncing the grenade off the car door. The grenade also had a ten second fuse which meant it only exploded under the forth car in the convoy.

To avoid capture, Čabrinović quickly swallowed a cyanide capsule. Which turned out to be defective and instead of killing him, just made him vomit. Thinking fast he threw himself into the River Miljacka… only to realize that the river was only 4 inches deep.

Having failed to kill himself he was swarmed and taken into custody. ‘I am a Serb hero’ he proclaimed as he was taken away. He died two years later of tuberculous at the midpoint of the Great war he helped create.

11 thoughts on “Fail

    1. Weirdly his actions allowed Gavrilo Princep to actually assassinate the Duke… which led to 37 million deaths… which lead to the second world war… which led to the Cold war… which led us here…

      That’s quite a few notches for a bungler.

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      1. I road raged once. I was having such a bad day. One of shipments that I desperately needed hit another vessel near Singapore… and being towed back to the harbor. I was on my way home and this delivery guy came up the wrong side of the road and cut me off as I was trying to cross an intersection. I got out the car and went to his window and grabbed his keys out of the ignition and said ‘YOU DON’T DESERVE THESE’ then I threw his keys as far as I could over someones wall and into their yard. Then I got back into my car and drove off. I felt REALLY bad afterwards tho…

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      2. Oh my!! Wow!! The only time I get road rage is when I ride my bicycle in the city. Like I follow all the rules and laws for bike riders but still drivers are so rude! I’ve never taken someone’s keys away (what a great idea! 🤔) but boy I flew off the handle when I was crossing in my crosswalk with the little “walk” sign saying I could and some driver decided fuck it they were going to turn into me, hit me, I was pissed!! Just one example. But when I’m driving, riding my motorcycle or walking, I’m cool. No worries. — and hey, I loved your story ha! Even if it ‘might’ have been a little much LOL


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