Pompeii v2.0

ie. the town in ancient Rome that was covered in ash when Mount Vesuvius erupted… (looks it up) in 79AD. My initial guess was only about 100 years off. What did we do before Google? Make stuff up? *Jo laughs sardonically*

My enduring memory of visiting Pompeii is that of a giant penis.


Apparently dick jokes were a thing 2000 years ago. We’ve definitely moved on since then… I want to say we’ve taken our dick jokes online… drawing them out in beach sand, corn fields and on frozen lakes and then following it up with some adroit drone-work… but occasionally you will still find a giant schlong hastily illustrated on some suburban concrete canvas.

If a modern day eruption were to cover us in volcanic ash, preserving us for posterity… how would we look like to a future generation two thousand years from now?

Likely I would be caught in my natural state, occupying some weird, unergonomic position that is not quite supine cradling my Macbook and trying to take one last sip of coffee. Hopefully with my pants on. Assuming the latter, quite a dignified way to be preserved I feel.


Not all of us will be that lucky though. I can only imagine our future progenies mouthing the words, ‘What… the actual… fuck is going on here… is that girl… wearing Crocs?’

To be fair I might be being a bit presumptuous when it comes to assuming a gender here…

9 thoughts on “Pompeii v2.0

      1. In a severe case of FOMO I’ve gone through all the social media platforms… but I don’t seem to be able to use them casually. It seems to be an all or nothing affair for me. These days I don’t have any… which seems to work much better for me

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      2. Years ago when I was really sick with eppstein barr virus/mono/glandular fever I got onto FB. It helped with my depression to keep connected with people etc. But I totally get the FOMO thing…it became an addiction. I am so glad to not be on it anymore. It ended up not helping my depression. classic back fire lol

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      3. I had a very similar experience. I had a blood clot in my elbow which embolized and then lodged as shrapnel in my lungs. Anyways… I ended up getting very nostalgic and wanting to reconnect with people from my past. Got very depressed and the whole social media experience actually made things a lot worse…


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