11 thoughts on “Childhood indoctrination

      1. For a while I was homeless and lived in my car. That was over 20 years ago. Then there’s car camping, literally, lol. Then sleeping in the car I don’t know how many times when moving from Alaska to the States and back again. Done that move six times. Cheaper to sleep in your car than find a hotel in Canada. Things like that.


  1. I currently have a homeless friend in Arizona who sleeps in her little truck. Her health issues prevent her from working and she can’t get the health care and insurance she needs. It’s a long and heart breaking story that disgusts me.

    I really like this post, though


    1. That makes me sad! I don’t think anyone should have to sleep in their vehicle. It says a lot about our society and how we feel about other members of our species. I think people are (likely) quick to say she is responsible for her own situation and welfare… I find that quite a dangerous generalization though. In any event I hope things work out for her!

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      1. Yes, it truly shocks me the generalisations, the assumptions and the cruelties around it. I stayed with her for a few days and it so opened my eyes.
        Don’t get me wrong, I know there are those who work the system, (much easier to do here in Australia with much more generous welfare) but the generalising is dangerous! She worked hard for as long as possible. It is sad. It’s tragic.
        And thank you!

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