Not Jason

I was getting coffee and a choc chip muffin this morning. My late week staple when things have largely started going sideways on me. A heavy set, bearded, behemoth gets out of his truck wearing a camouflage bomber jacket and sporting a Glock on his thigh. On the side of the truck is emblazoned ‘Argon security’.

He orders coffee and we stand together.

‘Would you consider yourself an “Argonaut”‘, I venture casually. He gives me a look like I’m mentally challenged. I point at the truck, ‘Argon’… as if to underscore my point.


He gives me another look that I interpret as ‘are you high?’ God I wish I was…

Maybe they’re named after the inert noble gas? Although that makes no sense to me. I feel that I’m loosing this particular battle however and that he is no mood for chit-chat. I sigh. ‘Nevermind’. I guess were not going to be discussing the modern warriors penchant for tarn-fleck over golden sheep’s wool.

He’s ordered a caramel Macchiato. I judge him… albeit silently.

14 thoughts on “Not Jason

    1. Oh… that’s just my life. ha ha. I start my week with the best of intentions… and then by Thursday I’m drinking eight cups of coffee and smashing muffins into my face.

      Coping mechanisms I guess.

      Thanks for the concern though 🙂

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      1. ha ha Smashing muffins, wasn’t that a band once? Wait…
        I’m impressed that it takes you that long…I kind of feel like this sums up a normal day for me, well except I have managed to cut down on teh coffee 🤪

        Kudos on the coping mechanisms, there are much worse ones!

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      2. I used to box every night. That was always the best stress relief for me. I was never so happy as when someone was punching me in the head. Ha ha. (masochism anyone?) Unfortunately ‘that’ lifestyle has an expiry date… so these days, I’m forced into a sucrose and caffeine dependency to get by…

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      3. punching you in the head/smashing muffins…makes perfect sense now.
        In the winter, my husband loves to chop wood. I know he has had a hard day when he goes straight to the wood pile. But holy moly, it’s good exercise!

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      4. Chopping wood is amazing. Our winters are so pathetic here though (and getting more pathetic as the world warms up) that I hardly ever have to chop wood anymore…I think this season we two days that went below 0C.

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      5. Really? That is pretty alarming!
        Of course, we don’t get super cold temps here, but we are kind of in a desert area so our nights can get below 0C. And we don’t have American style central heating. We have a ducted air conditioner through the house, but electricity prices are astronomical here. We try to keep the fire going almost constantly in the winter. There is no heat like it, imho.


      6. I live a mile above sea level. (kinda like Denver) Its supposed to get cold here in winter. I remember it being cold when I grew up. I mean its technically still winter and I’m wearing a t-shirt and jeans today… I have a wood burning stove… I burnt it more for ambiance this year than any real heat requirement…


      7. Oh, so here was I thinking you were in the States…why did I assume that? So many questions in WP land…
        yes we have a wood burning stove too. I so love it. I love it in blackouts and we can still cook and boil the kettle. Priorities.


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