Introverts unite. Preferably by group-chat.

I am most likely an introvert. Which means I’m usually mistaken for a misanthrope, curmudgeon or largely misunderstood as having some sort of psychological or learning disorder (especially by extroverts). I find social engagements incredibly taxing. Small talk and being touched by people I don’t necessarily know or like is pure anathema. Like superman getting a kryptonite enema. A family reunion where that weird aunt or cousin (you haven’t seen in years) wants to hug and kiss you is literally  hell for me.


But even phone calls are sometimes… a serious undertaking… that I would rather avoid (if at all possible). I found this comic perfectly encapsulates that. Ha ha. Maybe you can empathise. If you’re thinking, ‘Jesus, its just a phone call, get over it’, this post is not for you. I envy you a little bit.

3 thoughts on “Introverts unite. Preferably by group-chat.

  1. Hey! Cool post 🙂

    Interesting to read about your view 🙂

    Indeed, introverts, find social situations, especially when there are people that are unfamiliar very uncomfortable. It can get to the point where you really just want to go home. Perhaps you can empathize.

    But still, every introvert needs at least one person in their life where they can rest on and empty their hearts to.

    Thanks for the post! Looking forward to reading more 🙂

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