I’ve realized something about my browsing and how I read other peoples blogs. I almost always click on their about page. I find that quite deterministic in whether I will start reading the rest of their posts. I want to know something about the person whose blog I’m reading.

In any event this made me consider my own ‘About’ page. Which is… not very revealing. I was initially quite cagey about engaging people, wasn’t even into comments until quite recently. But I’ve had a change of heart.

Anyways, today I saw a cool ‘About’ page which listed 49 things about the blogger in point format. I decided I wanted to something similar. But in pictures. Its a work in progress. And will eventually be added to the bottom of my ‘About’ page.

Joey in pictures


12 thoughts on “Housekeeping

  1. Love this. I’ve never played D&D but I’ve heard people say it’s awesome for kids to start out with to develop imagination, but I’ve seen mixed ideas about how young kids can start. My son is 4, which I’m guessing is still too young? Do you think there’s any merit in trying to learn together when he’s older? (Assuming he’s interested!)

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    1. I’ve also been considering how old you have to be to start playing Roleplaying games and Boardgames because of my daughter. I likely started when I was about ten.

      I think as a foundation, reading to them helps build imagination. Me and my daughter read every night before bedtime. Its usually something like Julia Donaldson at this point. But soon I think I’ll be able to graduate onto Roald Dahl. Which I’m very excited about…

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      1. Yeah that’s what I expected. I tried reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to my son who is 4 – he was enjoying it well enough but hasn’t been interested enough to go back to it. Think the story was still a little too involved for him to follow properly


      1. Well, I used to be a part of a gaming group. We’d start the night with a little Settlers of Catan to warm things up. One or two rounds of that. Then move on to Twilight Imperium. Ending, you know, after the sun had risen again after 8-10 hours of play. Unfortunately, we’ve all moved on/away. Now, sadly, I don’t have any friends to play with. I introduced a few friend to Catan and they’ve taken to that quite nicely. Also card games like Exploding Kittens is hilarious. So… yeah, there are plenty of gamers, we just travel further to play, I suspect… maybe. Town is 45 minutes away for me.


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