6 thoughts on “Runs-with-wolves

  1. I started watching a documentary last night on the first people to the Americas and how they are re thinking that as there is evidence brave people crossed the Atlantic during the ice age…Kind of wish they had used lego now…
    I am sure your daughter will appreciate this one day.
    And I am sure you are so glad she is not busy piling up things to reach that knife on top of the cupboard LOL

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    1. I’m inclined to agree with that particular theory on migration. I’m kinda glad that I don’t have to deal with that level of hardship though. No wi-fi or takeaway coffee (can you imagine)

      I am constantly amazed how innovative two year olds can be…

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      1. What’s crazy is that not having wifi was not that long ago really.
        Ugh, you are so right, expecially about coffee…
        haha those little adorable goobers. A while ago I was reading an article about the brains of babies in utero, and how the part of the brain that deals with planning etc, is developed quite early on. Those little angels are planning all kinds of things well in advance 😀

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      2. I know right. I don’t even remember coffee being this massive ‘thing’. Certainly not the artisanal scene it is now. Coffee used to come black or white with sugar and sans.


      3. I was saying to my wife earlier… remember mix tapes… and how we used to record songs off the radio and how angry we got when the stupid DJ spoke over the intro…


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