Metal is dead. It just hasn’t gone to heaven yet.

This album was released 27 years ago. Holy #$@&!


*Joey takes a moment to lament his youth*

In a bout of nostalgia I laced up these suckers recently.

Lasted for about an hour before that bout of sentimentality abruptly wore off and I re-donned my fluffy slippers. For my sins I could hardly walk the next day and hobbled round the house like I’d recently engaged in some form of violent sodomy.

How did I ever dance until the early hours of the morning in these things?* I use the term ‘dance’ quite loosely. Some of those moves should have likely involved some sort of safety equipment. 10oz gloves at a bare minimum. Are mosh pits still a thing? Or are we smarter now? (and less inclined to take on recreational trampling)

* and perhaps more importantly how did I remove them in under ten minutes when time to de-clothe was of critical importance? (often under added influence of eh… other substances) Clearly I was quite dexterous.

6 thoughts on “Metal is dead. It just hasn’t gone to heaven yet.

  1. Funny, I’d just been listening to Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets a ton when I read this. The Black album was everywhere for what seemed like 5 years. All the wild success a metal band could ever dream of, and never be prepared for. So we get St. Anger (never listened to it, does that make me bad?) and therapy movies…

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    1. I take the same approach to Metallica that I do with Star Wars. I pretend everything after Load didn’t happen. (I’ve also never listened to St. Anger) That way everything is right with the world. And I can continue to live in my make-believe bubble free of prequels and the slow decline of rock…

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      1. I did watch the prequels. I wanted a dark, psychologically realistic, harowingly tragic tale of a hero’s fall to the dark side, with many clear opportunities for future Darth to step aside from the dark path, all untaken. Too much Greek tragedy/Frank Miller perhaps. Now, when I look back, I just wish they’d started with Anakin as a tortured teen in TPM, the whole movie could remain the same, just with him older and that would be fine (we don’t talk about the midichlorians) – that would have made the first three movies make so much more sense, and the romance not seem so icky. Yes, I said icky.

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      2. Yes! This would have been sooooo much better. Frank Miller doing a ‘Batman’ number on Star Wars. Wow!

        I often wonder how Geroge Lucas could have gotten some things so incredibly ‘right’ with Indiana and Willow… and some things so incredibly wrong. C’est la vie.

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