Gah! Right in the feelings.

I lost a follower today.

I only know that because my mind noted that I… *sigh* used to have 69 followers.

Its was a Beavis and Butthead type moment. Heh he. Sixty nine.

And today I have sixty eight!

I don’t have very many… so the loss of a follower hurts.

I need you to come back guy… you were the one that brought balance and symmetry to my follower count. Like Ying and yang.

Without you I am directionless… drifting. Also… what did I do wrong?

I can make this right…

Even if you were a bot… its okay. Just come back.

I plan on internalizing my failure to satisfy you during the course of my day. Maybe drawing up a list of things it might have been. And then agonizing over each and everyone one of my deficiencies.

Consider me admonished.

13 thoughts on “Mourn.

    1. I consider it one of the proofs for divinity 😁
      (most especially, Australian style coffee. If you have a chance to try an Aussie café over there, well, I don’t want to sound boastful, so consider it thoughtful advice haha)

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  1. I am inclined to agree with you. Coffee and avocados, clearly manadated by a higher authority.

    I’m not sure you guys can claim a superior coffee experience though… what are your koala-fications to make such a broad all encompassing claim?

    *Joey ticks koala-fications off his list* ha ha.

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    1. hahahaha I must remember that one.
      I think the fact that we have koalas is enough
      (Oh and I agree about avocados).

      So, just over a decade ago now, we lived in Colorado for 10 years, and all I can say is how much I loved having coffee whenever I came home to visit. All about the temperature/bitterness/creaminess art/science. But, of course, it is very subjective.
      Also, I am pretty sure koalas wouldn’t like coffee. They have a pretty good thing going with their eating and sleeping, (and just looking cute and deceivingly harmless.)

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