Will I succeed?

I struggled through the Lorax* with my two year old before bedtime last night. Nothing like a little Dr. Seuss to make you doubt you your ability to read out loud or annunciate clearly.

*got to start them early on that climate change stuff

I think there is a tempo that I’m failing at. Or maybe it’s the lack of lysergic acid diethylamide coursing through my body that’s the problem? Although that might make Dr. Seuss even more scary than it already is… maybe I should switch to some Shelley or HP Lovecraft. You know, lighten the mood a little bit. I find the Lorax remarkably dark…

almost like its a portent of things to come.

In any event. I do think Dr. Seuss answers some important life questions.

Like will I succeed?


Which I find quite comforting.

10 thoughts on “Will I succeed?

      1. That is actually my motivation for blogging. I save my posts to a pdf which I save and Dropbox. That way if I die my daughter can read something about her dad and know what sort of person he was and what he thought about.

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      2. Oh, that is actually awesome.
        I appreciate people who are real about death. We try to help people prepare for death, encourage them to write out their funeral requests and whatnot, but there is such a reluctance, when really, it helps those who are grieving so much.
        Even if that doesn’t happen Dr Mighty Jo, and I hope it doesn’t any time soon!! It will still be so fun for you and your daughter to go through when she is older

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      3. About a year and a half a go I had a thrombosis in my elbow (weird place, likely a boxing or jujitsu injury) that shattered and became a traveling embolism. Fortunately it ended up in my lung and not in my brain. But it put things into perspective on how quickly things can change. Dying well I think is the whole point of life… and yet we spend so little time thinking about it or indeed preparing for it.

        Lol. I actually do want to write my own eulogy. I’ve been to some seriously terrible funerals where something generic gets mumbled about the deceased… what an ignominious end!

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      4. Oh my gosh, did you? I am sure that would have been quite a dramatic wake up call of some kind, and with your daughter just born? Thank God for the outcome hey?!?!

        My husband is doing three funerals this week!! They always come in at least threes, and he had one last week as well, but it is something always on our mind.

        I’ve been trying to encourage my parents to start making preps, like eulogy info and whatnot, but you have reminded me that it is something we should be doing as well! Plus, share the stories while still alive! I think that is so important. I have proof read so many eulogies as we put the service together, and I am always thinking I wish I knew those things while they were alive. So many fascinating stories unheard! I say go for it! Plus, what a great way to take stock of your life, appreciate things you may have forgotten etc. Well, enough rambling from me! lol. Gotta run. Hope you’ve had a good day!


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