If ever there was a misnomer its the word ‘Sunburn’.


What ‘they’* actually mean is radiation damage. You know, from the yellow dwarf star positioned roughly eight light minutes from earth, cooking us with its ultra violet spectrum and general convective-ness.

*the ubiquitous they, that decide these sorts of conventions. Most likely decided in a walnut panelled room, sprinkled with brown leather chesterfields that smell like cigars and spilled cognac. (if you guys are looking for new adherents, I’m available on extremely short notice)

In any event, radiation burns sounds quite serious. Like ‘don’t-go-outside-or-you’ll-die’ serious. And maybe also a little hysterical. So maybe I understand why ‘they’ dumbed it down for us.

Still… some part of me wants to call it what it is.

Maybe it will catch on.


Burn burn the truth the lies the news, Burn burn the life that you cant choose – Lost Prophets.


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