Villain chair

I’ve always had a soft spot for the bad guy. My favorite Star Wars movie was The Empire strikes back, ostensibly because it starts off with the Empire kicking rebel butt and ends with Boba Fett freezing Han Solo in carbonite. I also distinctly remember being upset as a child when Roger Moore dropped Ernst Stravo Blofeld down the chimney in the first five minutes of For your eyes only. What a massive disservice to the character!

Growing up I wanted to be a zoo keeper. Failing that I would have settled for international villain complete with a sprawling underground lair (in a temperate climate). Unfortunately or perhaps fortunately my enthusiasm for zoos waned over the years and instead of (full on) villainy I settled for the lite version. ie Capitalism. I mean I still get my kicks crushing the hopes and dreams of the little people (every now and then) but its not building rockets and stealing the pyramids.

I was (more or less) content with my choice… Until I discovered this…

The ultimate villain chair.

Now I’m thinking… damn… maybe I capitulated. Difficult to justify this mode of transport around the office. BUT… in a dimly lit lair surrounded my a bank of monitors… a hideously disfigured henchman by my side… chortling manically (me I mean, not the henchman… if my henchman were to do anything other than murmur in acquiescence he would feel the back of my hand)

Potentially (at 39) its a bit late for a career change. I feel kinda committed to this path now. Which is a pity.

Oh well.

3 thoughts on “Villain chair

    1. You are of course right. (As opposed to left) It’s never too late! Let me just stretch out first… you know, before I get after it, at my age every sudden movement could be your last…

      Okay… I’m ready now.

      Standby 😀

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