A little housekeeping

To steal a subject line from Sam Harris.

This blog started out as a personal finance blog. Ostensibly because someone didn’t reply to my email right away. (thanks Kristia) Righteous indignation is a powerful motivating factor. But… as it turns out I don’t really have that much to say about personal finance that can’t be summed up in two maxims. Don’t spend more than you earn. And invest the difference. There are only so many ways you can skin a cat. Everything else just becomes arguing the minutiae. I also felt I was becoming a bit smug and preachy about the whole thing and it became difficult for me to sermonize with out the nagging feeling that I was punting a lifestyle choice… while surreptitiously feeding the ego machine with one hand and patting myself on the back with the other. Well done Joey. Go get a sticker.


Just thinking about some of those (sometimes very aggressive) blog posts makes me suck air through clenched teeth. That’s not say the personal fiance blogs out there aren’t great and super helpful. But that wasn’t me.

Deciding that I should check my ego I pivoted and decided I was going to blog about board games instead. Or perhaps rather, gaming in general. I love strategy and storytelling. Especially interactive story telling.

unnamed (1).jpg

Joey getting murdered at Caverna on Friday night.

Going out, dancing until the early hours and then attempting to get slutty while amusing in my twenties, would now leave me seriously dysfunctional for days on end, sofa bound and mewling for ibuprofen. Besides I’m married now which invalidates a lot of that sort of behavior. I’m much happier listening to music on my headphones and playing games with my school friends. At best my gaming blogs were touristy and quite vapid. There are some really good gaming blogs out there and after a while it didn’t feel like a good ‘competitive’ space for me.


Then I tried personal blogging for a bit. Meh. Which after a while, just felt quite mindless and self aggrandizing. I started to despise my blog and ditched it completely for a while.

..And now I’ve been back for about a month.

I’m enjoying this format a lot more. Apologies if you started following me for some of the other blog entries and you’ve found yourself mouthing the words ‘What the fuck is this…’ recently.

I don’t really want to rehash my About page (where I briefly cover my motivations) But I’m likely to continue in this probably quite eclectic fashion. I find it a little bit more introspective and interesting (for me at least).

I’m also going to add comments to the end of posts. I’ve always been quite weary of a comments section. But I also worry I might be getting wrapped up in my own echo chamber sometimes. Existing in this input-less vacuum isn’t necessarily a good thing. I think I’ve been unreasonably weary of interaction with other humans. Conventions and firmly held convictions should be challenged from time to time.

So there’s that.

I’ve also gone through some of my previous posts with a machete. There was A LOT of mindless drivel, typed at pace in sub optimal conditions. What I haven’t condemned to the trash bin I might revive and re-post at some point with some heavy editing. So… there may be some reruns in the future where I think I can do better.

Anyways… thanks.






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