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The dude with the direct (red) telephone to god… and this the best you could come up with…

Doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in the great beyond.


01.05.2018 – Tuesday (Workers day)

Well done. Go get a sticker. – My wife, post coitus. 

Its a line my daughter brought home from school. It now gets used… more often than it probably should. Although I’m obviously quite chuffed/relieved my efforts are gold-star on my (ample) forehead worthy.

Having exerted myself in creative ways I tried to sleep in this morning. At 5am my daughter was standing next to our bed with her animal cards. ‘Whats this daddy?’, (holding up a card of a leopard toad). Frog I say bleary-eyed. ‘Toad’, she corrects me, clearly disappointed with my lack of knowledge.

In other animals news.


This is the saddest looking lion I have ever seen. I took my my daughter to the Zoo on Sunday morning. I am usually carefully neutral about zoos, viewing them as necessary but teetering on evil… But this anthropomorphic feline really made me consider my assertions. In the end I decided I could argue it both ways and that I should just go back to neutrality. But I was seriously wavering there for awhile.

I’m at work… on the most Marxist holiday.

I’d like to say its because I’m a true believer in laissez-faire Capitalism. But really its because I need some quiet time so that I can get stuck into my scary looking inbox. I have all the tools I need to make this happen.


Airpods, coloring-in pencils and a Glock. I feel that covers me for 99% of eventualities. Speaking on which I should probably get on with it…