Eldritch Horror

‘Kid… I was losing sanity and racking up phobias before you were even born’… is what I want to say the pubescent punk in the comic book store who is forcing me to engage with him. Instead I smile meekly and carry on flipping through the stacks. Usually I can rely on my 6.3ft frame and surly demeanor to rebuff any attempt to bait me into idle conversation. He seems however, immune to my anti-social cues and intent on extolling the virtues of Cthulhu Wars to me. I imagine picking up one the heavier Gundam wing blisters and bludgeoning him with it until he stops talking (twitching, whatever).

Cthulhu Wars is a trigger word for me. Yes I know Sandy Petersen made it. ‘… and George Lucas stuffed up his own legacy*’, this is my grouchy go-to response for Cthulhu War neophytes who don’t know any better. Although to be fair I still like Sandy Petersen… George Lucas on the other hand… is dead to me.

*no one can believably counter this with any enthusiasm.

Cthulhu themed games have become ubiquitous. I realise I sound like a cantankerous senior citizen who can only remember when everything was ‘better’ but let’s be honest, these days, poor Cthulhu is wrenched out of R’lyeh style REM sleep at every commercial opportunity and plastered on everything from yahtzee style dice games to lunch boxes. Being a great old one isn’t what it used to be. No wonder he hates humanity.


If you discount the paper and pencil (6th edition and below) RGP, Eldritch Horror is by far my favourite. (I also like Mansion of Madness)

For me at least Arkham Horror just got too broken with all its expansions (which I dutifully purchased and then bankrupted myself buying sleeves for). The thought of going through all those cards and trying to return it to some sort of playable base game that isn’t completely $#%*@! fills me with such dread that I’ve just been avoiding it (forever).


Eldritch Horror works better for me and the co-op experience just feels better and more enjoyable somehow. I realise that is super subjective and lacking in any empirical evidence, I mean Eldrich and Arkham Horror are more or less the same game. Same characters, same cardboard cutouts. The only difference really is that one is New England centric and the other Macro-world.


Go to an exotic location. Get better equipment. Read a skin cover tome. Close a gate. Pop some xanax and return to coda. Stop… eh… delay the end of the world. It’s a weirdly repetitive formula I can, for some reason, totally get behind.

Eldritch Horror always ends up a fun night for me. Even if Shub-Niggurath or Ithaqua lay waste to the world. These things happen. It’s not really a game where defeats fester in the dark recesses of your mind.

Great game, not to be taken too seriously. This isn’t Firefly after all. Ha ha. Highly recommended.