I had this idea that I should probably do some work. I’ve let my inbox grow wild and unkempt and now strange faceless creatures inhabit its deeper shadows. I’m scared to go crawling in there alone. Unless accompanied by an adult (preferably wielding a baseball bat with nails driven into it). I’ve decided to blog instead (albeit outside on the deck). Much safer.

IMG_8385.jpgI take a picture, ostensibly to torment my childhood friend who is currently hacking at his blackened, frost bitten feet in Bristol with a phillips screwdriver. I am mean that way. He replies that he had to queue for bread like in ‘Stalinist Russia’. This makes me remarkably cheerful.

Our day started off with breakfast at our local. I was up at 4am to let the creatures out. But then I went back to sleep. Uncharacteristically the girl child let us sleep until seven, so we didn’t get our usual table…. which REALLY messed with my Feng Shui/sense of order in an otherwise chaotic universe.


This didn’t bother the progeny who personifies chaos. And therefore I imagine, doesn’t care if we sit at a table without clear sight lines or if our flanks are exposed.

After that we went phonograph shopping at 44 Stanley. I was hoping to get there before it became uncomfortably dense with skinny jeans and ironic t-shirts. Alas, it was not to be.


(I know, I bitch about hipsters but dress my child in three quarter pineapple pants and a Ramones t-shirt. I will occasionally dabble in hypocrisy)

Before the claustophia of too many immaculate beards packed into too small a space overwhelmed me, I did manage to purchase this…


I also bought a Pearl Jam and a Springbok nude girls LP, which I’m quite excited about. We rounded out our morning with fair-trade, artisanal coffee (you know when in Rome). It turned out to be decidedly unremarkable. A dribble of coffee in a one size take away cup for which the cost per gulp was obscene.

In other news I rescued a German Shepherd last night. (or resided him to two weeks of incarceration followed by lethal injection, depending on how you look at it). I had just finished walking my dogs when I noticed a dog loping down our road in the distance. It was getting dark but I could tell by the slant and the gait it was a GSD.

This is actually the last thing I felt like doing. And in all honesty if it had been a different breed (like a pitbull) I might have left it. I know for a fact that nobody on our street owns a GSD but I asked a guy sitting on the pavement if he’d seen where the dog had come from. Further up somewhere he mumbled unhelpfully. I rang a couple of bells. Nothing definitive.

Initially the dog was super weary of me. It was uncollared and not in a good condition. Way too skinny, coarse fur and limping. Eventually I managed to get close enough that I could touch it. Got my wife to bring the car around. Sometimes when we pick up strays they hop right in. This one didn’t. ‘Please don’t bite my face off’, I said gingerly stooping down to lift the dog into the car. I won’t lie I was a bit nervous picking up a German Shepherd whose temperament I didn’t know. It turned out okay and my wife drove him to the SPCA near our house.


Posted the dogs picture on the Neighborhood group shortly thereafter. Didn’t get a response other than a ‘fuck you’ for not taking the dog to a no-kill shelter (which was nice) Maybe he’s chipped. But I have my doubts, his condition didn’t scream conscientious owners. Anyways, I remain hopeful that someone will either foster or adopt him. I always pay for the medical and spaying (in the case of a bitch) to further their chances a little bit.

I’m not sure I’d wear it, but how cool is this t-shirt?


I’ve recently decided that the soundtrack to my life is 16bit midi. Maybe the theme to Golden Axe. I feel this t-shirt graphic perfectly sums this up.