Masters of Doom by David Kushner (Audiobook)

My audible library is, for the most part, bent towards dry and heavy. There is a teeny, tiny bit of whimsy in there in the form of some science fiction (The Bobiverse series) and some fantasy (Kings Dark tidings) for when I’m feeling burnt out and brain dead. But for the most part my audiobooks lean towards the autodidactic. Is that even a real word? It’s not underlined in red so I’m assuming it might be. Even if it doesn’t necessarily mean what I think it should. I think it’s more or less correct, books that help you learn new stuff and expand your points of reference? Maybe not.

In any event…

I tend forget that there’s other stuff out there. Books that won’t necessarily teach you anything… but are REALLY good all the same…


I freely admit, initially, I was super hesitant and this book sat in the cloud for quite sometime after I’d bought it.

Foremost, I am not really a fan of Wil Wheaton. Not for any real reason other than an arbitrary set of parameters I have created. Maybe it’s because I really disliked the character of Wesley Crusher. (Kept hoping he would be disemboweled in a tragic transporter accident)

I also disliked Fawkes in The Guild and his cameos in the Big Bang Theory. He seemed to gravitate towards roles in which he ‘played’ a dick. In my mind art imitates life. Ergo Wil Wheaton was a dick.

Still, I liked his gaming (D&D and board game) advocacy and he was a massive fan of ice hockey* (pretty much the only sport I will watch on tv) So I followed him on twitter….

*although he supports the Kings (that must be tough)

I think everyone on Twitter turns into a whiny bitch. Myself (when I was still on this platform) included. It just lends itself towards whine and people feeling sorry for themselves. That’s not Wil Wheaton specific. Twitter made me hate everyone from William Gibson to Warren Ellis.

In any event I have had to eat a large helping of humble pie for all my slanderous thoughts. Wil reading Masters of Doom is fucking brilliant. I mean right up there with the best.

Masters of Doom follows the lives of the two Johns. John Ramero and John Carmack creators of Doom. Their friendship created one of the most groundbreaking games in history. It also, eventually tore their friendship apart.

This is where I have to stop myself and pause, lest the next ten paragraphs are just fanboy gush. I’m not even entirely sure I can objectively review something that for me at least was a deeply nostalgic journey.

Even if you can’t identify with the D&D, arcade, heavy metal, gaming culture of the 80s and 90s this book is fascinating, expertly researched and expertly read. It is never boring and I was thoroughly entertained throughout.

There are not a lot of books that afterwards I think ‘damn that was truly excellent’. This is definitely one of them.

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