Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective

We all like to imagine that we have some investigative prowess. This game allows you to harness your inner gumshoe… and then be flummoxed by your sheer ineptitude. Really good for the ego and the self assessment.

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I’m undecided about this game. I like the concept. In practice I’m straddling the fence of indecision. In part that’s my personality type running interference and not allowing me to be completely objective. In theory you can pick up this game and play around your coffee table during an evening with your noob friends. Although I can’t see this going well. And since the cases have almost no replay value I think your party needs to be a carefully considered choice played under optimal gaming conditions. (something we definitely didn’t do)

You need REALLY need to concentrate in this game. Even take notes potentially (with diagrams and probability tables) It says co-op but really the dominant personalities in your circle take control and everyone else becomes a passenger.

Sherlock solved our case in four ‘moves’. I think we did it… in about twenty. And then still get a full score because our motive for the crime was waaaay off. We also missed a key location that we struggled to find…. we also followed every single Red Herring casually tossed our way.

THE WIFE!!! It was definitely THE WIFE! (it wasn’t)

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It feels like a really solid well constructed game. Clearly a lot of work has gone into it. I’ve heard rumblings about game breaking errata though and now I’m wondering if we couldn’t find one of the vital locations because of a mistake in the source material instead of our investigative incompetence.

Likely it was still the latter.

I think this game amplifies the angst I experienced of never being able to tell who did it in Columbo or Midsomer Night murders. Clearly I am no Hercule Poirot. Joey is more blunt force trauma than a stiletto between the ribs. Find a suspect and then waterboard them until they confess. I don’t like games that expose my flaws and my inability to think laterally. I like clear goals and objectives.

Still, it was a fun experience. And I think as long as people don’t take themselves too seriously it should be a fun evening.

2 thoughts on “Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective

  1. We have the Sherlock game but only played it once. I played it with the girlfriend and I don’t think we invested enough in it. It went along the lines of “Oh, so this is the clue. Should we do X now?” “Yeah, okay.” – then it just became a book flipping exercise. I think you need more argument and discussion to make the most of the game.

    Also, amazing notes btw.

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  2. I agree. This game requires some player interaction to improve what is otherwise a choose your own adventure booklet.

    With me at least I think this game will suffer from an element of opportunity cost. Especially now with my limited time resources, would I rather play Sherlock Holmes or something that I really enjoy, like Caverna or Eclipse?


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