Me and my daughter went to the Museum of Military History this morning and took selfies with tanks (as one does)To be fair I took the selfies and she tried to stick her fingers in my mouth.I’m going to go out on a limb and say Russian T-55. I was too busy chasing the midget through the gun park to read any of the plaques. For the first hour we were the only ones there, so we had the whole place to ourselves, save one lone gardener mowing the lawn. I really like this museum. Mostly because it has this!This is a Messerschmitt Me 262. Only this the two seater night fighter version. It’s the only one left in the world. Designated Red 8 (how very Star Wars). I’m not really a ‘plane’ guy, but the styling and engineering that went into this plane fascinates me. I even have a scale model of an Me 262 on my book shelf.

Along with a plastic bunny.

And Nathan Drake sporting an AK SU 74.

After the museum we went to the bike park. She’s not old enough to ride bikes, but she likes to monopolize the wooden Jeep analog and watch the other children play. I have to sit in the back and occasionally pop a grape into her mouth whiles she drives us to ‘woolies’ to buy ‘sweeties’. At 21 months she already knows where the good stuff is.