An ode to Bjorn

Things I know (or believe to be true about Scandinavians)

1. They wear knitted sweaters and at one point they either played bass in a Heavy-metal band or they aspired to.

2. In the unlikely event that you are murdered in Denmark, Sweden or Norway your bloated, waterlogged corpse will be dragged out of a half frozen lake…

3. … your murder will then be investigated (and solved) by a deeply flawed detective with some sort of substance abuse issue (usually alcohol).

4. They have a fascinating political system. Which is either Utopian and aspirant (if you’re human) or a dystopian hell (if you’re American)

5. Their religion is free love, modular furniture and meatballs.

6. At some point everyone has chugged beer out of a cheap plastic Viking helmet. And then potentially chased it with aquavit. (And then thrown up on the train home)

Basically what’s not to like? Unless they’re attacking your monastery and dragging your prized possessions back towards their longships I mean.

I generally don’t like book reviews, reading lists or book blogs (Including my my own). Its generally too much blah, blah, blah and you find yourself having to go through it with a machete (and/or flamethrower) to discover anything of real value.

Broadly speaking I follow about two… and a half reading lists with any real sense of gusto and enthusiasm.

The half belongs to Ryan Holiday who manages to churn through books at an unprecedented rate. While our Venn diagrams overlap somewhat, especially on strategy and stoicism, I’ve REALLY struggled through some of his recommends. Possibly because I am really stupid.

Persons however, that I have come to trust are…

Derek Sivers. Who is awesome. If he likes a book, I will generally read it.

And Poor Bjorns Notes to Self (the website) or Poor Bjorns Notes to Self (on instagram) 

Whom I found quite randomly and now heartily recommend.

His tag line is the fantastic, Read Books – Conduct Experiments – Grow, which echoes my own modus operandi and approach to life. So in this, we are simpatico and I feel inclined to draw attention to his journey.

He also has a sense of humor, which I find refreshing.

Check him out.