Sellers remorse?


I sold all my bitcoin yesterday.

I’m trying to be stoic about it…  but really I’m having some big weird feelings about this. Some might argue this marks an auspicious day. Either the worst financial decision I’ve ever made, or the best. Hoping for the latter. Usually when I sell a stock I never look at it again. I don’t want to see the opportunity cost of my decision. Unfortunately bitcoin prices are plastered at the bottom of every single news feed and on every second banner ad… so when bitcoin goes to $100,000 I can walk up the hill behind my house and shoot myself.


It turned out to be quite a whimsical decision in the end. (like most of my financial decisions really)

I used to have a yellow post-it note stuck to the wall next to my framed KAL print. I’d written ‘Pigs get slaughtered’ in thick black sharpie. I wrote it after getting killed on this horrible geared trade that eventually got suspended. Just thinking about it makes me want to punch myself. Gah! I was greedy. And I paid for it. That post-it and the KAL print served as a vague set of guidelines for all future trades.


Will I make money off this trade? Yes. Am I being greedy by not selling?. Yes. Post-it condition satisfied. Is the bitcoin market completely hysterical? Yes. KAL condition satisfied.


In the end all money is bullshit. USD, EUR, Bitcoin. It has value because we believe that it has. Sapiens really got me to look at the world differently… ha ha. Look at me trying to justify my decision with some sort of psychobabble and philosophy shtick. Whats done is done.

I see this post going either of two ways…

Bitcoin hits $20,000 and I delete it… (out of sheer embarrassment)


Bitcoin crashes through the floor and I link it to it at every opportunity.