Potato diet (3)

One week– Saturday morning

Opening Stat line – Height 6’3”, 105.7kg (233lbs), [-3.2kg or 7lbs]  23.0% Body fat [-0.6%] , Blood Glucose 5.5 mmol/L [-0.5 mmol/L]

So I managed to loose -3.2kg (7lbs) with the potato diet in a week. I have no idea if that’s good or not. I think it is. I only ate cold potatoes for the first three days. Then I switched out to a Paleo-esque type meal for dinner for two days (when I started feeling really weird*). And then added Paleo type lunches after that.

*I think this was me going through sugar withdrawal. I can’t be sure, but I felt really strange and disembodied and just generally unwell. Interestingly the Paleo diet didn’t actually make me feel less weird, I initially thought it might. I think withdrawal just takes time.

If I had the mental fortitude to stick it out for a full week the results would have been better. I think you need otherworldly discipline to stick with a only-potato diet. You REALLY start resenting cold spuds.

On the upside. Now that I’ve cleansed my body of processed food and sugar. I don’t really want to go back. Mostly because I don’t want to have to detox again. Hopefully I can stick with it and eat clean from here on out.

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