Potato diet (2)

Day four – Tuesday morning

Opening Stat line – Height 6’3”, 106.3kg (234lbs), [-2.6kg or 5.72lbs]  23.1% Body fat [-0.5%] , Blood Glucose 6.2 mmol/L [+0.1 mmol/L]

Seems to be going okay. Considering I don’t really know what I’m doing*. Not feeling quite as spaced out as I was. Interestingly I had a quarter of a bran muffin last night that my wife was eating. She wasn’t really ‘feeling it’ and was going to give it to the dogs. ‘I’ll eat it’, I mused haphardly. I Instantly regretted it. Almost immediately my stomach started to groan and churn at the arrival of this non-potatoey invader.

* to paraphrase Penn Jillette, ‘Don’t take health advice from a magician on the internet’.

Googled why my Blood Glucose is so stubbornly high. Apparently when starving yourself slash fasting your body elevates cortisol levels. Cortisol’s raises blood sugar. Will continue to monitor it. If continues up instead of down I may have to start grazing instead of fasting. I am naturally a grazer. This fasting thing is very unlike me, having never gone three hours without eating something, potentially… ever…  in fact I’ve never actually fasted before.

Going to start adding in a ‘normal’ paleo-esque meal from this evening. I see the potato diet adherents disagree on the length of time that you need to stay on the diet in order for you to ‘re-set’ your taste buds or psycho-babble to that extent. I’m following a crazy internet diet so I don’t think I have to follow it to the letter. Besides I want to exercise and the last two nights I’ve really felt flat and lethargic. I’m hoping the added calories will be offset by exercise and that I will still lose weight. Lets see.

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