Happy Halloween

Its just after 2am. The kid has a fever which we’ve been struggling to break. I am not one of those amazing people that can cope without sleep. The last hour has been me lying here half awake, deliriously ‘dreaming’ about Marine-insurance*  Which seems stupid, now that I think about it, but that’s where my mind has taken me now that it’s fallen off the bus and down the rabbit hole. Its all consuming and disturbingly serious stuff. Remedied recently with 0.5mg of xanax and a cup of Rooibos.

* which is a special type of insurance you take out on your 20 or 40ft container in case the ship sinks, your container falls overboard during rough seas (something that happens more often than you might think), or your cargo is stolen by pirates. 

Old Hallows eve has come and gone. Of all the spurious events we have created, Halloween is by far my favourite. I mean I have nothing against old saint Nick and his airborne caribou or a half naked cherub with meddlesome tendencies and a recurve bow. Even the disturbingly large cotton tail with the proclivity to spread diabetes and childhood obesity get a pass.


Halloween doesn’t require some made up feel good narrative about Plymouth Puritans and Native American Indians getting conversant over a turkey drumstick. (While being served a nice big dollop of influenza and whooping cough for their trouble)

I mean sure we should theoretically be cogn

And thats when I fell asleep, Macbook perched precariously on my midsection. I can’t remember what I was going to say. I think I was writing cognisant, but I have no idea in what context or on what tangent I was about to embark.

I sleep through my 03:59 Fitbit wake up.

And then in an autonomous state I (must have) turned off my back up alarm on my iPhone when it starts chiming thirty minutes later. My wife (who was sleeping with the kid in the spare room) wakes me at 05H30, I am the big spoon in a Macbook-Basset hound sandwich.

We decide to tag team. She’ll got to work first and finish early. And then we will alternate at about eleven and I’ll go to work.

And so I wait. The sprog has decided, after keeping her parents awake all night that now is a good time to catch some much needed zzzz’s. I have a nappy change (likely feverishly foul), inserting a suppository, and the application of antibiotics into her clenched maw to look forward to. And then the inevitable meltdown when she realises her mother has abandoned her when I try and feed her breakfast.

Things to look forward to 😉