Dot torture

Shot my first fifty round Dot-torture on Friday at three meters. I’m trying to remain optimistic. I did however learn a couple of things.

  1. My accuracy is likely below average.
  2. I can’t shoot left handed.
  3. I can’t count/read. (I put one too many shots on six and seven)

I should (in theory) be able to remedy the last point by next week. The others hopefully will improve with practice. Also, I should be probably mention that I scored myself for things that grazed the black outer circle. Which I don’t think is right… but my ego stepped in to save me from complete annihilation.


Hopefully in a couple of weeks I can use this as an example of how I’ve improved. In my defence I can say one thing. The dowel stick (that you attach your target to) at this range hangs very low and because I’m quite tall (6.3) I felt like I was shooting almost from a half-squat position. But you know, excuses, excuses.