Bang. Bang.

Hypocrisy. noun. The practice of claiming to have higher standards or more noble beliefs than is actually the case.

By my own standards I should not be allowed to carry a firearm at the moment. Its been more than a year since I’ve been to the range. With the birth of my daughter and the barely contained chaos that follows such an event I just haven’t found the time. Or rather, perhaps more aptly, I’ve had to prioritize the free time available to me. Which is a weak excuse at best, since I have found the time to blog, exercise, read and play Playstation. Keeping my firearm training current just slid to the bottom of an ever burgeoning to-do list.

On Friday I decided that things needed to change and that I was no longer comfortable being this strange imposter. Went and put a quick fifty down range with my Glock. It wasn’t pretty, but not quite as nightmarishly bad as I had anticipated.


Just trying to hit the target from a very boring Isosceles stance. I did have one stoppage though (shooting reloads), which I tap-racked.

I am actually NOT a huge proponent of training this way. Ie. Going to the range and in a nice, serene environment, leisurely taking aim at a paper target. You know that old chestnut, train in chaos, thrive in chaos, I firmly believe that.

In an ideal world it would be a circuit. A three minute round of boxing or grappling, then twenty burpees, then draw and shoot. While some one next to you is peppering you with hot shells from an AK. Repeat until you are so exhausted you can barely bring your arms up. Thats slightly closer to reality. Generally speaking shooters don’t do enough stress inoculation training. Now I’m not saying the above mimics a gunfight in any way, shape or form. But it atleast elevates your pulse and blood pressure.

From next week I’m going start shooting Dot Torture to try get my accuracy up to where it needs to be.

dot-torture-image (1).jpg

Its a fifty round exercise and since I only really have time for a quick fifty I want to try and maximize efficiency. Once you score a fifty, ie all shots on target for each mini-exercise you move the target back one yard and start again.

Then maybe we will move onto burpees.