While this list is not definitive by any means, I think these are good people who have got some great ideas about life. In no particular order they are…

Derek Sivers

IMG_6527.jpgΔ I just wanted to make music… and then all this other stuff kinda happened

Watch Dereks amazing talk then listen to Anything you want


Ryan Holiday


Δ There are many cows, but this one is mine. I feel, given enough time, I can convince her of the merits of stoicism…

Start by reading  The Obstacle is the Way and Ego is the enemy


David Heinemeier Hansson

IMG_6532Δ At age 25 I couldn’t drive. Oh, then I won the Le Mans 24hr. I also do some stuff with computers…

Read ReWork


Seth Godin

IMG_6533Δ These have literally just come out of the oven, while you’re here you need to try my vodka-coffee. 

Start with his Blog and go from there.


James Altucher

IMG_6534.jpgΔ Thank you very much, you’ve been a great audience

Start with his Blog and then go from there.