Last Night on Earth

‘Maybe we should search for more ammo instead of making out?’ ‘But this… this could be our last night on earth’. ‘Hmmm… Thats strange… this door seems to be  locked’. ‘Didn’t we just come in this way?’ ‘Wait… did you hear that?’


Last night on Earth is a zombie horror boardgame for 2-6 players, Ages 12 and up. (It says so on the box) The great thing about this game is that it’s super easy to play, even with people whose skeptical views on board gaming resulted from them getting sent to jail when they (briefly) forayed into real estate. My experience is that after a glass or two of wine, even first time board gamers are voicing their characters hopes and fears as they frantically search the 7-eleven for gasoline and matches.

This game works best with four or five players. One player controls the zombies, (affectionately known as the ZM in our gaming group) and the other players all control one of the hero characters.


Δ ‘Coach Franklin is that you?’

Once you’ve decided who’s controlling the zombies the rest of the players choose from eight plucky hero’s. Each character comes with one or two special rules but they’re not complicated and are generally self-explanatory.


A mission is then selected. It can be as simple as surviving until dawn, or trying to find the keys to the truck so that you can load up the survivors and get the hell out of Dodge. The board is built randomly out of L-shaped segments that fit around a central square board, so each game is slightly different.


Δ ‘Stop messing around Karl and come out of that corn-field where I can see you’

To help the characters survive they can search the town’s buildings for supplies and weapons that might help them survive the night. Items are drawn randomly from a deck of cards when a character performs a search action in a building.


The player controlling the zombies also gets to draw cards, albeit from another deck. These cards hinder the characters and generally makes surviving a zombie apocalypse tougher than it should be.


There is some strategy to this game but it’s fairly basic and easy to understand. This is a fun after dinner game, not 19 hours of Twilight Imperium or a friendship ending game of Through the ages. 

With set up and explaining the rules it should run about an hour. And generally speaking players will be keen to play another game with a different character and someone else controlling the zombies after the first game has resulted in everyone’s demise.


This is a great gateway game. Its easy to understand and easy to play. Its very sociable and you don’t really mind if the zombies win, or if your cheerleader character gets dragged screaming into the barn to be feasted upon by Earl, former town mechanic. This much more about making the ‘grrr-grrr’ noises as your shuffle your zombies around the board and making hail mary rolls with your dice as you strategize with your friends if your character should make a break for the church.