Green eggs and Sam.

Counts it out on his fingers. One Grande Latte on the way to work. Two cups of filter coffee post cereal but pre second breakfast. Green tea in the pm. That’s less than five. So basically zero. I’m counting this as a caffeine free day for Joey-san.

Well done me! Kudos and congratulatory blowjobs all round. Whoop whoop.

I wasn’t sure it was going to be a good day. My Chrome plugin was taunting me in the predawn gloom when I booted up this morning. Quoting Jean-luc Picard. Who does that?

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 4.04.55 PM.png

Even though it may be true. I don’t want to hear that first thing on a pseudo-Monday morning. Its defeatist. This is why I prefer James Tiberius* Kirk. Jean-luc is the worst sort of democrat. James T Kirk is like an old school republican. Before they all became a-holes I mean, republicans like Theodore and Abe. Not the douchebaggery of Richard, Ronald and George.

*Tiberius… is (sadly) on the veto list. The veto list of potential child names. My wife seems quite adamant about this. Personally I think it would  be beyond the thunderdome of awesomeness. But you know, opinion poll of one and all that…

I do have to mention that me and Ryan Holiday are now besties. Transcontinental BFF’s. He replied to my gushy fan mail a while ago. AND he liked my picture on Instagram that I tagged him in yesterday. So basically we’re like…


I’m the strip of bacon. And Ryan Holiday is like the whole wheat health bread. And then Derek Sivers is like the sunny side up egg. Me and Derek are also besties. We had a six email exchange. Hope y’all are incredibly, incredibly jealous.

Sam Harris is not in this picture. Because he hates his fans. And… as far as I can tell only likes arguing with trolls on twitter. I wrote him mail. But he never wrote me back. But out of the three authors I’ve written to, two out of three aint bad.